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Is this the end for Leon Cook?

After just 15 short weeks, of seeing Bobby Lockwood on our screens, it looks like this could be the last time we see him for a while, portraying Leon Cook in Casualty.

Leon goes head to head with Iain for the permanent paramedic position, at Holby City Hospital, but only one of them can stay. Leon had a rocky start at the hospital getting on the wrong side of Connie Beauchamp whilst also constantly being nagged at by Jan. 

Make sure you tune into BBC One on Saturday 1st May 2021 at 8:20pm to see Leon’s outcome and catch up on all episodes currently on BBC iPlayer.

Bobby Lockwood joins BBC’s Casualty team as Paramedic Leon Cook.

If you’ve missed Bobby on your screens as much as we have then you won’t have to wait long to see him again. Bobby has joined Casualty as Leon a charming charismatic paramedic.

Bobby Lockwood says: “I have absolutely loved playing Leon and it’s a privilege to be representing paramedics and the NHS at such a critical time. Covid has made our job harder, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for our actual heroes on the front line.”

Loretta Preece, Series Producer of Casualty says: “I am thrilled that Bobby Lockwood is joining our cast as the irrepressible paramedic Leon Cook. Bobby is adorable and has the most extraordinary comic timing. The Casualty building has been abuzz since Bobby joined us and I am confident that the audience will take Leon to their hearts. While Leon often finds himself inadvertently creating comic situations, we also see his character grow through his demanding and emotional work as a paramedic. Leon is a natural with the public, he feels things very deeply and everyone who encounters him seems to be charmed by him…. Except for Connie Beauchamp but that’s another story.”

Catch Bobby in Casualty from 9th January 2021 on BBC One.

Bobby joins the cast of The Emily Atack Show.

The new comedy show features stand-up comedy skits and sketches, each episode covers a different theme. Catch Bobby in the ensemble cast in episode 1 dating and episode 5 friends on itv this autumn, airing 4th November 2020 at 10pm on itv 2. 

Wings needs your support to fly!!!

Bobby’s latest project ‘Wings’ is a new short set in WW2.

Bobby plays Robert, a young family man sent off to war, leaving his wife, Audrey, and young son behind. As a member of the Women’s Land Army, Audrey falls in love with one of the other Land Girls and their relationship blossoms for the duration of the war. However, when the war is over and the men return, so too does normality, and Audrey and Dora’s love must go no further.

The story then picks up in present day… Audrey is brought into her new retirement home by her children and grandchildren. And who should be in the chair beside her, but the woman she had fallen in love with all those years ago. With equal marriage newly legislated, the women can finally show each other the commitment they longed for in their younger days.

‘Wings’ is a film in support of Gay Rights, which is particularly keen to tell the story of women in a period when being gay was widely unaccepted. It aims to give a voice to the once voiceless characters of our past!

And this is where YOU come in… in order to ensure the film’s success, ‘Wings’ has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to provide the funds needed to make it the best it can be. If you can help, please visit here to donate; there are lots of gifts up for grabs, including a copy of the film on the day it is released and a signed poster by Bobby himself!

Another way in which you can support is sharing the Kickstarter link on social media. Please also support the film by following them on Twitter (@FindYourWings18) and Instagram (@wings_thefilm) to keep up to date with all things ‘Wings’!

Bobby on our screens in 2018 so far

Bobby’s first role in 2018 was as PC Paul Kirkwood, in BBC’s ‘Doctors’ the episode entitled ‘In the Dark’ (series 19 episode 165) aired on BBC One on the 21st February. Paul is a young officer who is confused about what he should do in order maintain his position but also to figure out what is truly wrong with him.
Bobby started this year guest presenting alongside Ed Petrie on CBBC’s ‘All Over the Place: Asia Part 2′, featuring in 8 of the 14 episodes. It aired from January to April 2018, he filmed his segments last June. Their trip included eating lots and lots of food but also visiting Panda’s in enclosures and visiting some of Shanghai’s famous historical landmarks. Other things they got up to whilst in China was taking part in traditional customs such as lion dancing, learning the countries history and singing about their journey.
Bobby also featured in CBS’ hit show ‘Ransom’ over in America, where he played Sean a soccer player who was involved in a plane hijacking. The episode entitled ‘Radio Silence’ will air in the UK in September 2018 on Universal TV UK. Bobby filmed this role in Budapest alongside the shows protagonist Luke Roberts who plays Eric Beaumont. The series follows a group of professional negotiators who help to persuade people from doing things they will regret, for instance in this episode Eric tries to stop Bruno from crashing the plane. Tune into series 2 episode 10 to find out if they are successful or not.

Mum’s List coming soon

The long awaited Mum’s List film, based on the best-selling novel of the same name, will be released on the 25th November 2016 in cinemas across the UK. See Bobby on the big screen as Matt, as he stars opposite Rafe Spell, who plays Singe.

Mum’s List tells the story of Kate, a mother dying of incurable breast cancer. When Kate realises she only has days to live she creates a list for her husband (Singe) to follow with their two sons. Mum’s List was filmed in Somerset.

Honey 3 Release date

Do you want to be one of the first people to own and to see Honey 3? Well you can pre-order it now from retailers and get it the day of the release (19th September 2016). Bobby has also been busy filming for BBC’s show Uncle, look out for his character Josh when series 3 airs early next year, and he has also filmed, as the character Nathan, for itv’s Unforgotten, which airs in October.

Update on Honey 3

The official trailer for Bobby’s new movie, ‘Honey 3’ has been now released. Bobby spent a few months in South Africa, filming it, and experiencing new challenges, learning hard choreography. Watch it here to find out a bit about his character ‘Laser’.

Honey 3 Trailer from Jasmine-Rio on Vimeo.

Friday Download presents Up All Night

Bobby filmed alongside Wolfblood co-star Louisa Connolly-Burnham as well as other CBBC stars in Up All Night, where he plays a character of the same name. The film follows the Friday Download gang as they head for a holiday road trip together, which very quickly turns into a total nightmare, in more ways than one.

Ups & Downs Short Film

Ups and Downs is a project Bobby worked on alongside Otto Baxter. The story is about 18 year old Harry (Lockwood) having a birthday party, when his mum is out of town Harry has the party but he doesn’t allow Josh (Baxter), his brother, to attend it as he is embarrassed because he has Down Syndrome. After the party gets out of control Josh is the only one left who can take care of Harry. Watch the trailer below and if you enjoyed it you can watch the full short film here to find out what happens.

'Ups & Downs' Short Film Trailer. Watch the full film at: from Charlotte Woodhead producer on Vimeo.